A few days ago our team happily returned home from an unforgettable trip to Moscow. What a wonderful experience this has been for everyone! Here is the post that one of our participants, Maria Eugenia Pedano shared on Facebook:

“Whow – What an amazing experience I’ve had! I had the honor to play 2 beautiful concerts in wonderful Moscow, which I really fell in love with. I had the chance to sing one of the most beautiful Russian songs, and played the Mozart concerto for oboe and orchestra in c major! Also, I had the chance to visit old friends I haven’t seen in a while. And last but not least, a fantastic masterclass of the amazing Dennis Osver!!! I’ve learned so much from him! Thank you Moscow, for this opportunity, and hope to see you soon again!”

We had a very exciting program indeed – next to the intensive music schedule (rehearsals, concerts, master-classes) we took a boat trip along the Moscow river, enjoyed night walks in the city and delicious traditional cuisine, visited the Circus, Kremlin musea and met up with the old friends who participated in the projects in the Netherlands. All in all – a fully Russian experience!

This has been a real FESTival – new musical friendships, successful concerts, unforgettable memories. Isn’t this the best results you can wish for?

Now onto the next one – Moscow Meets Friends 2020. Anyone eager to join?