We have the honor to introduce the first SBJT Ambassador – Mikhail Khokhlov, the Principal of Moscow Gnessin Special School of Music, founding mentor and Chief conductor of the Youth Orchestra Gnessin Virtuosi, Honored Arts Worker of the Russian Federation, Laureate of the Russian Federation President Award on Art and Literature.

Our collaboration with Mikhail goes back to 2014 when we first brought the pupils of the Moscow Gnessin Special School of Music to Amsterdam, to perform at the festival Winteravonden aan de Amstel. Since then, we have accomplished several successful projects together experiencing first-hand just how passionate they all are about music. The Gnessin School has always been an easy-to-work with party, its alumni have become synonyms to startling virtuosity, fervent enthusiasm and mature musical interpretation of their performances.

It is our privilege to align with such an important mission – help these young talents grow and let the world see them shine.

Looking forward SBJT intends to further deepen and broaden our excellent relationship with the Moscow Gnessin Special School of Music and we all thank Mikhail sincerely for becoming an official Ambassador for the Stichting Bevordering Jong Talent.

About Mikhail Khokhlov

Born in 1955 in Moscow, he was six years old when he received his first music lessons. Mikhail studied at the Moscow Gnessin Special School of Music and in 1981 graduated from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatoire as a pianist with prof. V. Gornostayeva.

In 1981, he began his career as a concert pianist, in which he devoted himself mainly to contemporary music. He played in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Riga, Odessa and many other major cities. Tours have taken him to Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Israel and the United States. His first solo album was released on CD in 1990.

Since 1987 he began working at the Moscow Gnessin Special School of Music as a teacher, later taking the position of Deputy Principal in 1988, and in 1989 he was elected as the school Principal which he remains up to the present time. Under his leadership, the school was awarded in 1998 as the Best music school in Russia. Mikhail Khokhlov takes part in international conferences and youth festivals, he is regularly invited as a jury member at different competitions and master classes.

In 1990 Khokhlov created the first Russian youth concert orchestra Gnessin Virtuosi from the students of the School. He has been personally directing and conducting it ever since. The orchestra participates in philharmonic concerts, music festivals, prestigious international projects, touring through Europe, Asia and USA. In 2014 it became the winner of the International Competition of Youth Orchestras in Spain. Since the moment of creation the Gnessin Virtuosi orchestra has recorded more than 30 CD and DVD, gave more than 750 concerts with more than 600 young musicians overall.