Andrey Varlamov

Andrey has been studying block flute at the Shostackovitch Musical School in Moscow with prof. Anna Varlamova since he was seven. At the age of ten Andrey also began studying oboe and in three years he showed impressive results in playing the instrument. He took part in thirteen international and national Russian contests winning in each of them, his prizes include five grand-prix.

Andrey also took part in the educational series Creative Summer at the President Educational Centre “Sirius” in Sochi in 2015, where he took classes in hobo with prof. A. Utckin from the Tchaickovsky Moscow State Conservatory and composition with prof. I. Rogaliov from the Rimsky-Corsakov Saint-Petersburg Conservatory.

Andrey loves his instrument very much, he studies a lot and listens to music. Most of all he loves to play with his school chamber orchestra and perform at the concerts. He dreams of having his personal alto oboe and playing it in different ensembles. He has a lot of hobbies, loves to ride the bicycle, read and swim. He studies English and French, often visits concerts of academic music and theatre performances.