Jacob Wysny

Jacob Wysny was born in Amsterdam in 2009. He started taking classical ballet lessons only in 2017 at Balletstudio Marieke van der Heijden, based on the recommendation he received from his Kung Fu teacher who recognized him as a dancer. After one year at Marieke’s ballet studio, Jacob successfully passed the audition for the preparatory program of the National Ballet Academy.

IN October 2018 Jacob successfully performed on the stage of Koninklijk Theater Carre in a joint project with the Moscow Classical Ballet Theatre. He danced as a soloist in the role of little Mowgli in the ballet fairy-tale “Jungle Book”. It is quite unique or a 9-year-old soloist to perform on a big stage such as Koninkljik Theater Carre together with professional adult artists coming from a different country and not even speaking his language.  Which is why Jacob was invited to the Dutch TV show “Tijd voor Max” to tell about this experience.

“I think this is very cool. It’s an honor to dance at the Dutch premiere!” he told the audience.

Besides dancing, Jacob’s hobbies include Kung Fu, swimming, skiing and ice-skating