Pallavi Nandoe Tewarie

Pallavi is born on July 20th, 2007. From the moment she was able to walk she enjoyed dancing and singing. Her first experience with music was playful on a keyboard and drums. As a seven-year-old she started piano classes. Although she could not read notes, using the Suzuki method, she was able to play classical pieces. When attending a  violin concert, she was so intrigued by the play, she immediately went to a piano and started playing the pieces by heart. Her parents had her apply for the Royal Conservatory, where at the age of 8 she was admitted as a student of Marlies van Gent.

Starting the school year 2016-2017 she moved to the “School for Young Talent”, to attend school and play music at the Conservatory on a daily basis. It is then that she also started singing and joined the National Youth Choir with plays as Gustav Mahler’s 8 Sympfony at national music halls.

In 2018 she was in the finals of the Steinway Piano Concours in the Netherlands. In October 2018 she successfully performed in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow at the international Festival “Moscow meets friends” and took master-classes at the famous Gnessin School of Music with Mikhail Khokhlov.