Welcome – Stichting Bevordering Jong Talent
(The Foundation to Support Young Talents)


Stichting Bevordering Jong Talent is a Dutch non-commercial charity foundation which works closely with the Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation in Moscow.

The Foundation is established with the purpose to guide and support children gifted in the sphere of music and arts by providing favorable conditions for their creative growth and organizing their international activities.

The Foundation maintains and develops cultural values, traditions and collaboration (exchange) between young talents from Europe and Russia.

The Foundation has the goal of bringing art as close as possible to the children, open their minds and interest to it. By means of organising concerts and exhibitions we want to focus their attention on ballet, opera, classical music and visual art.

We are a group of enthusiastic people who share passion for music and children. Working closely with partners and allied organizations, we are happy to help talented children develop internationally. We are: Nadia Eliseeva, a musical producer, Kick Vieleers, ICT coordinator, Frank Peters, hoofddocent at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Young talents department), Patrick den Haan, tennis teacher and Gerard Uitendaal, head of accounting firm.

Now that all the legitimations are left behind, we are happy to concentrate on the creative part – helping young talents develop their artistic skills, organizing concerts, master-classes and exchange programs between the musically gifted children from Europe and Russia.